Small Town Revival

Small Town Revival

The Post & Office is helping revive the historic farm town of Harrington, Washington

The Post & Office, Harrington, WA
The Post & Office is a cheery and welcoming new business in the heart of Harrington. | Photo by Chey Scott

On a hot, dry and dusty August afternoon, the main street through Harrington is mostly deserted but for the occasional wheat truck roaring in off the highway, heading towards towering grain elevators at the south end of town.

It’s the peak of the region’s wheat harvest, and nearly everyone’s out in the fields pitching in. Of the few signs of life today are the occasional dusty-booted farmers stopping in for an ice cold drink at a bright cafe on the corner of Third and Main streets.

The Post & Office, a cozy coffee shop in the town’s original post office building, opened in October 2017 and is part of a dedicated local movement to bring a sense of community and economic vibrancy back into the town of around 400 residents.

Owned by Heather and Justin Slack, the Post & Office serves as a new community gathering place for Harrington, hosting chamber of commerce meetings, arts and crafts classes and other meetups. Four years ago the couple fled Seattle’s hustle and bustle, seeking a calmer place to raise their two children.

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